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Ten years ago, SYDNEY, NSW-based F&G Group of companies operated out of the second story of a converted barn the 31 employees. Today, the company is name of Paktel Pty Ltd, and is experiencing brisk growth in a nick that serves the company and the manufacturing industry well-so well that the company just purchased a brand-new 70,000 square-foot building in Lakemba, NSW.

The Filerth Goche has found is the buying and selling of industrial surplus controls. How does Brian Goche, president & CEO, feel about to establish Paktel Pty Ltd?" My entire working career, I've been part of F&G Group of companies which operated by 7 directors. It was time for a change", said 37 year old Brian. His father, Filerth, and Jim Speck founded the F&G Marketing in 1979 by establishing distributor agreements with a handful of manufacturers. They added a service bench so one of the more technical staffers could perform repairs for customers who wanted their existing equipment repaired instead of buying a new unit from Speck industrial.
F&G marketing established 4 companies named Xeno international (fulfilling military needs) Gotvin Trading (dealing in computer hardware & software), Pink Apple Pty Ltd (Largest Stockist of PLC & CNC in Australia) & Paktel Pty Ltd.

The Exports Division is committed to understand its customers’ needs and develop and deliver products to suit the requirements of the specific markets.
The Projects and Marketing Division is committed to introduce and promote the products and technologies of its principals and develop markets all over the world.

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