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We introduce ourselves as a major supplier of Electrical, Mechanical, Out door In door Power equipment etc Voltage Stabilizers, Distribution Transformers, Isolation / Ultra Isolation Transformers & Automatic Power factor Controllers to UPS & industrial Hardware equipments. Our company is dealing with all industrial solution, energy management & offering wide range of products & Industrial tools.

Paktel Pty Ltd sell, supply, install and maintain power generating plant throughout the world and installed 18 Deutz HFO’s in Middle East in last 2 years.
To date the company supplied in excess of 3350 diesel powered generating sets, from 5kVA to 10MW.
Paktel Pty Ltd has servicing division, which operates throughout Australia, New Zealand and to the countries where we supplied HFO's.  We also have agents in 12 countries that carry out service activities in these areas.

Servicing, load testing, commissioning and repairs are carried out on all makes of generation equipment.  We have huge stock of 2nd hand generators for low to high power requirements.  Our staff is fully trained by famous engines manufacturers.  We are in agreement with famous manufactures around the world for technical support & assistance.
We are involved in design work with civil engineering and electrical consultants on generator installation and co-ordination and design, and with electrical contractors with regard to changeover systems, and alarms together with building management.

Consider that the company recently doubles its warehouse space by buying a newly built, two level, 70,000-square-foot office building in Lakemba, NSW, Australia for $14.5 million. The facility has been customized with a full industrial and high-tech inventory management system including fully automated conveyor systems, pneumatic tube system for transporting parts, and shelving racks equipped with small elevators to facilitate the stocking and picking of parts by personnel using wireless hand-held mobile computers to control inventory.  The facility consists of 20,000 square-feet of office space 15,000 square-feet of high-tech lab space and 35,000-square-feet of warehouse space with automated inventory systems.  Paktel pty Ltd is adding another 30,000 square feet in 2010 to accommodate further expansion.

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